Articles on the history of Qurna:

Theban Blindness - a case history of severe archaeological hypermetropia
A paper given at the conference: Disciplinary Measures? Histories of Egyptology in Multi-Disciplinary Context. London, June 2010.

Earth Structures of Qurna exhibition panels

The West Bank Since 'Antiquity'
A talk given to the Egypt Exploration Society Conference, June 2008

Qurna .. a history which shall not die
23rd June 2007 -
Dr Zahi Hawass

Fendia, Grandmother of Horubat
March 2005 -
Caroline Simpson

The Four Properties Projects
9th February 2007 -
Caroline Simpson

Searching for the history of Qurna on Thebes.
talk given at the American Research Centre in Egypt, Cairo, November 2000 (illustrations not included)
Caroline Simpson

Modern Qurna - pieces of an historical jigsaw (illustrations not included)
Paper given at Theban Necropolis conference, London, July 2000
Caroline Simpson

Qurna - who saw it where, when and why? (illustrations not included)
lecture given at ASTENE conference Edinburgh, 2001
Caroline Simpson

The reputation of the Qurnawi
A discussion from the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum , June 2004

UNESCO statement on the Theban Necropolis World Heritage Site, 2001

Mud things in Qurna
An article about menamas, 2001
Caroline Simpson

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Illustrated article by Susan Weeks on Qurna's Pilgrimage Paintings

Fascinating French site on research work at the Ramesseum (also in Arabic)

an interesting website for new research on Egypt - French and English

An exciting new project to provide training and work to young Qurnawi and revive traditional crafts

A useful article on the recent relocation and demolitions
Vindicating Qurna
Historic Qurna on the Theban necropolis is no more, but the reputation of its inhabitants as bandits and thieves lingers on and the site lacks attention, says Jill Kamil