The Exhibition is now open!

The Exhibition, now titled officially as "Qurna Discovery - Life on the Theban Hills 1826" was opened on April 6th 2001.

Photos of Opening Ceremony courtesy of Dr Boutros Wadieh

Qurna Discovery had its world premier on April 6th.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr Michelle Brown, Curator of Manuscripts at the British Library and Mr Greg Hayman, Senior Press Officer, British Library.


Dr. Michelle Brown, Curator Of Manuscripts at the British Library with her husband to the left and Mr.Greg Heymen, Senior Press Officer of The British Library, to the right.

The Assistant Governor of Luxor, Mr Essam, (on behalf of the Governor) and other Members of the City Council staff attended, together with the Senior Inspectors of Antiquities for the West Bank and many representatives of Tourism and tour companies in Luxor. Archaeologists from the French Mission at Karnak, the German mission in Qurna, and the Hungarian mission were also there to see the first showing of these remarkable drawings. Many Qurna families and friends, Egyptian and foreign, came along to share in the cokes and sticky cakes.

The Assistant Governor of Luxor City Council and Dr. Michelle Brown , carry out the opening ceremony.

Caroline Simpson, Project Coordinator, in the doorway of the Exhibition.

There were short speeches by the exhibition coordinator, Caroline Simpson, by Mr Essam, Dr Brown and the Director General for the West Bank Antiquities Service, Mr Mohamed el Bialy.

Mohamed El Beyali Chief inspector of the antiquities service of The Theban Necropolis(Gournah) says a few words before the opening.

The exhibition was welcomed as an exciting and valuable addition to the attractions on the West Bank. Mr El Bialy congratulated Mrs Simpson on producing an exhibition which showed the variety of history on the Necropolis, and spoke of the current opinion that the culture of the Qurnawi was an important part of the total heritage and history. This public statement cheered many people present.

The Exterior of the exhibition.

The work to repair and repaint the Omda House has lasted four weeks, and the exhibition, which was printed in England, has been mounted using local expertise and materials. This has involved metal workers, carpenters, mud masons and an invaluable electrician who helped to install the very modern exhibition lighting.

The Interior of the exhibition.

One of the drawings.

People at the opening ceremony were entertained by a group of Luxor musicians and traditional 'stick dancers'.

Fiesta before the opening of the exhibition.

Stick Dancing at the Fiesta before the opening of the exhibition.

Many local men also joined in the mock-fight stick competitions. In the evening there was a party for all those involved in creating the exhibition in Qurna, and many local friends and neighbours. There was more music and dancing and food for all. The Exhibition was opened in style and everyone had a very good time.

Thank you to many people, but especially to Abdu Osman Taia Daramalli who has given - for free - his time, energy and enthusiasm to the project for over three years in so many ways.

The exhibitions are now open:
Daily (except Fridays)
8.00 - 4.00 (other times by arrangement)
The Guardian is Gabr Mohamed Taia

Entry is free!!!

We hope to see you there.

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